The Cave de Ribeauvillé offers a complete palette of the seven grape varieties in its Collection range. Every grapes are harvested by hand, to preserve all the aromatic richness, the purity and the freshness of the grape variety.
Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Muscat, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Noir are presented in our Collection range. It allows you to discover the great diversity of Alsace wines, from dry, semi-dry to mellow wines. These pure and aromatic wines fully express the typicity of each grape variety.
The dry and light white wines are Sylvaner and Pinot Blanc. They are sweet, lively and thirst-quenching wines to drink during their youth while they still offer a fine freshness.
Riesling is the gastronomic wine par excellence. Dry, elegant and complex, with its typical citrus notes, it perfectly accompanies fish, crustaceans and our famous ‘choucroute’.
The Muscat d’Alsace is dry, giving an impression of crunching straight into fresh grapes. It is a spring wine to drink as an aperitif and which goes along wonderfully with asparagus.
Pinot Gris is a full-bodied, semi-dry or mellow wine, with notes of undergrowth and dried fruit. To be drank as an aperitif or with ‘foie gras’ if it is mellow. For the semi-dry Pinot Gris, it can easily be associated with fish or a white meat in sauce.
Gewurztraminer is the most aromatic of Alsatian wines. With its aromas of rose, litchi, spices, it literally perfumes our palate. Mellow, it goes with a foie gras or a dessert made from fruits. Semi-dry, it accompanies spicy dishes or full-bodied cheeses.
Pinot Noir is the only red or rosé wine in Alsace. Light and fruity, with aromas of small red fruits, it accompanies charcuterie, grills and cheeses. Tannic and full-bodied, it is drunk on red meats simmered, game.