Muscat d’Alsace is a white wine produced in the vineyards of Alsace.

Muscat d’Alsace is a blend of two different grape varieties: “Muscat blanc à petits grains” (whote Muscat with small grapes), known as “Muscat de Frontignan” or “Muscat d’Alsace” and Muscat Ottonel. These two grapes have very different characteristics. Indeed, the first brings the fruit and the freshness while the second is more fleshy and finer in aromas.

You should not mistake it with southern french Muscats, that is to say, mellow wines. The Alsatian Muscat is dry and very aromatic. It is a spring wine par excellence, besides it explodes in aromas of ripe grapes. It is really crunchy, as if one would bite directly into fresh grapes …

It blends wonderfully with the first spring asparagus. Moreover, it can also be drunk as an aperitif. A fine wine to drink for its vivacity and its youth.
We offer different wines from this grape variety, all of which have a clear color and great freshness.

Collection Sec (dry) : drinking it is like crunching into a bunch of grapes. There is fruit and freshness, which is why it is ideal on asparagus or steamed vegetables.

Semi-dry Collection: Because it is rounder than our dry Muscat. It is ideal for aperitif or for example on a fish tartare.

Vieilles Vignes: it is a wine made from vines that are over 30 years of age with limited yields therefore more concentrated. Indeed, the vine ageing, its roots draw in the earth the nutrients that it needs. These vines give rise to very concentrated and balanced grapes.